I traveled for more than two thousand miles from Chuuk, Micronesia for medical treatment. My first time in the philippines and first time ever to be admitted in a hospital. Coming here wasn’t easy, I was worried & scared, not knowing what to expect and how to handle hospital procedures and everything, however my experiences here at the DE LOS SANTOS MEDICAL CENTER was one in a million. One I will not forget for years. For that I have many people to thank, many who their names I do not remember and I apologize for that.

To name a few, I would like to start off with the very first person I met at the airport, Ms. Ana Guilot. My doctors Mr. Natalio Alegre, Mr. Teodoro Ramos & all the doctors, Nurse Isabel (Ysa), Nurse She, and all the nurses from the 3rd floor. The staffs in the cardio department, Ms. Cheng from the respiratory department and Mr. “I grew up in the Middle East” again, I apologize I don’t remember everybody’s names. Thank you all so much for taking amazing care of me during my stay.

To the lovely ladies & gentlemen, the custodians for maintaining the cleanliness of the room I stayed in for a week, as well as the kitchen staffs for making sure we have our meals on time and not to forget the securities for doing their job making us feel safe especially during night time. Each one of you regardless of what positions you hold, all of you provide services that contributes to making my stay enjoyable & peaceful. I know Thank you isn’t enough but I have to say it anyway. From my heart to yours’ THANK YOU all so much, Salamat & Kinisou chapur. God bless you all.