Patients and Visitors Guide


For further concerns, please contact Patient Experience at 889-DLSMC (35762) ext. 3652, 3654 or 3655 or email


Cut-off time

Additional room charges is at 12:00 NN. An additional half day room charge will take effect if you are discharged between 12:01 PM and 4:59 PM, while an additional whole day room charge will be implemented beginning at 5:00 PM.


For PhilHealth members, kindly submit the following documents before discharge:

A. Claim Signature Form (CSF)
This is available at the PhilHealth Section located inside Patient Services at the Upper Ground Floor, Main Hospital Building.

 PhilHealth Discharge Slip
This is available and processed at the Nurse Station and will be given to you.

Senior Citizen and/or PWD

If you are a Senior Citizen and/or PWD, kindly submit a photocopy of your Senior Citizen/PWD identification card to avail of the corresponding discount.

Partial Settlement

Our Financial Services will ask for a partial settlement of your hospital bill when it reaches Php 30,000 and above.


 You are entitled to a flat rate of Php 60.00 for each entry per day at the PRO Parking area (Main Hospital Building). Parking stubs are available at the Information Counter or Admitting Office.

Professional Fee

Your doctor’s Professional Fee should be settled together with your hospital bill.


Our main Cashier is located inside the Patient Services office (Upper Ground Floor, Main Hospital Building). Kindly transact only with authorized Cashier staff and ask for an Official Receipt upon payment.

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Visiting Hours
Visitors Information
Accredited HMOs of De Los Santos Medical Center
De Los Santos Medical Center Emergency
Our Chaplain


Your visit to a friend or family member will surely help lift their spirits. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, kindly observe our visiting guidelines so that your loved one may have ample time to rest and recuperate.

Patient Rooms
Each visitor is allowed 30 minutes per visit
9:00 AM to 12:00 NN / 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Visitors for non-COVID ICU patients may have visitors provided that they are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic and will enter the ICU one at a time.
9:00 AM to 12:00 NN / 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
No visitors allowed

Children under 7 years old are not allowed inside hospital premises unless in need of medical management.

De Los Santos Medical Center Emergency

For emergency medical conditions, contact our Emergency Room:
889-DLSMC (35762) ext. 3380.


The hospital’s chapel, located at the 4/F Main Hospital Building, offers a peaceful place for patients and guests to pray and meditate.

Catholic Mass:
12:15 PM
Monday to Friday & Sunday

By appointment

Anointment of the Sick:
As requested

Our chaplain also conducts daily rounds of admitted patients.
Formore information, contact 889-DLSMC (35762) ext. 3242 / 7480


The following conditions must be met in order to avail your PhilHealth benefits:

Availment must be within the validity period as stated in Member Data Record (MDR) or in your payment receipt.
The 45 days allowance for room and board of the member and the separate 45 days allowance shared among the dependents have not yet been consumed.
Benefit availment procedures for outright deduction of benefits
– Submit to the PhilHealth Section the following prior to discharge:
a. Duly accomplished Claim Signature Form (CSF) — original,
b. Official Receipt of applicable premium payment upon admission and Member Data Record (MDR).
c. If qualified dependent is not listed in the MDR — submit applicable proof of dependency:

A. For parents 60 yrs. old and above
– Birth certificate of member with registry number
– Senior Citizen ID (photocopy)
– PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF)

B. For children below 21 years old
– Birth certificate of child with registry number
– Discharge Slip from Nurses Station for our basis case rate deduction
– Operative Technique, Anesthesia Record and Delivery Record for surgical procedures.
– Upon submission of all applicable documents, the billing section will compute
and deduct the benefits from the total hospital bill.

PhilHealth Desk
Patient Services
G/F Main Hospital Building
889-DLSMC (35762) ext. 3352



De Los Santos Medical Center offers the Z-benefit Package for Kidney TransplantationCriteria:

Signed Member Empowerment (ME) Form;
Age ›10 and ‹70 years;
Single organ transplant;
Patient on chronic dialysis because of end stage renal disease or patient for pre-emptive kidney transplantation with the following:
– The potential recipient should have an irreversible renal disease that has
been progressive over the previous 6 – 12 months
– The recipient’s measured (nuclear scan) glomerular filtration rate, 24-hour urine creatinine clearance
or calculated glomerular filtration rate should be less than 20 ml/min/1.73m2 in diabetics or less
than 15 ml/min / 1.73m2 in patients with non-diabetic renal disease
5. Low immunologic risk defined as:

– Past Panel Reactive Antibody (PRA) less than or equal to 20%
– Primary kidney transplant (no previous solid organ transplant)
– No donor specific antibody (DSA) in the potential recipient
– At least 1 HLA-DR match

Potential recipient has no previous history of cancer (except basal cell skin cancer), should be HIV negative, Hepatitis B surface antigen negative, and Hepatitis C antibody negative
Transplant candidate who is CMV-negative cannot receive an organ from a CMV-positive donor.
Absence of current severe illness (Congestive heart failure Class 3-4, liver cirrhosis (findings of small liver with coarse granular/heterogenous echo pattern with signs of portal hypertension), chronic lung disease requiring oxygen, etc.)
Absence of the following: hemi-paralysis because of stroke, leg amputation because of peripheral vascular disease or diabetes, mental retardation such that informed consent cannot be made, and substance abuse for at least 6 months prior to start of transplant work-up.
Eligible patient for kidney transplant must have a certification from the social service of the hospital that they can maintain anti-rejection medicines for the next three (3) years.

(Source: PhilHealth)

Kidney Transplant Office
3/F Main Hospital Building
889-DLSMC (35762) ext. 7158

Rooms Gallery

Presidential Suite
Deluxe Regular Private
Regular Private
Private Small A
Private Small B

Presidential Suite

Size: 43 sq.m.
• Patient-controlled bed • Lounge chair w/bolster • Arm chair w/foot stool
• 40″ TV with Cignal cable connection • Daily newspaper • Wi-Fi access
• Microwave • 7 cu. ft. refrigerator • Telephone
• Dining set • Kitchen • Living Room
• Bathroom w/hot & cold shower • Personal vault

Rate: Php 13,125 (prices are subject to change without prior notice)

Deluxe Regular Private 

  • Patient-controlled bed
  • Lounge chair
  • 32” TV with Cignal cable connection
  • Daily newspaper
  • WiFi access
  • 4 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • Telephone
  • Bathroom w/hot & cold shower
  • Personal vault

Rate: Php 4,954 (prices are subject to change  without prior notice)

Regular Private

  • Patient bed
  • Lounge chair
  • 22” TV with Cignal cable connection
  • Daily newspaper
  • WiFi access
  • 3 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • Telephone
  • Bathroom

Rate: Php 4,000 (prices are subject to change without prior notice)

Private Small A

  • Patient bed
  • Lounge chair
  • 22” TV with Cignal cable connection
  • WiFi access
  • Bathroom

Rate: Php 3,000 (prices are subject to change without prior notice)

Private Small B

  • Patient bed
  • Lounge chair
  • 22” TV with Cignal cable connection
  • WiFi access
  • Bathroom

Rate: Php 3,500 (prices are subject to change without prior notice)


  • Patient bed
  • Companion’s chair
  • WiFi access

Rate: Php 2,339 (prices are subject to change without prior notice)


  • Patient bed
  • Companion’s chair

Rate: Php 1,605 (prices are subject to change without prior notice)