The Memory Center houses a team of specialists who provide compassionate and comprehensive consultations, evaluations, and treatment recommendations to monitor and enrich behavioral and mental wellness.

We objectively and methodically perform memory screening and memory assessment – open to all those who are concerned about their current mental well-being. We also offer structured counseling to both loved ones and caregivers to enhance their awareness about the proper care and supervision needed by those who are presently living with a form of dementia.

Since disorders like psychosis and depression can lead to dementia in elderly individuals, the Center also serves as a conducive facility that offers the following services:

  • Psychiatric assessment and evaluation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Neuro-psychological clearance
  • Dementia assessment
  • Cognitive testing


For inquiries, please contact:
Memory Center
3rd Floor, Medical Arts Building
889-DLSMC (35762)/ 530-45762 ext. 8310


Clinic Hours:
By appointment

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For more information, please contact us at Tel. no. 889-DLSMC (35762)
De Los Santos Medical Center, 201 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Quezon City 1112.